Swan lake

The swan is symbolic of purity, grace and beauty. The white swan has connotations of feminine beauty while the black swan is that of masculinity and strength. I love this concept of elements in contrast to one another. How things can be so different side by side, yet can make each other stand out even stronger against one other.

The swan is also symbolic of transformations. Hans Christian Anderson wrote a story about an ugly ducking that grows up to be a spectacular swan.

The swan has so many metaphoric and symbolic meanings of interest.

This was a personal project that had been mulling about in my head for sometime. It's aways good to do something out of a work related environment in order to allow your creativity to be charged and challenged.

There is a visual journey throughout this photoshoot that takes you from:




soft light/hard light

The transition between the contrasts are continually seen throughout the imagery in a non-stereotypical way and there is an intentional element of awkwardness in the posing and the setting.

There is a story which is communicated through the model between her poses, the environment and the style of photography. There is an Amazonian sensibility about her with a slight body building feel which is unconventional for a fashion photoshoot.

I spent a lot of time trying to locate this specific location for the environment for the photoshoot. Something quite different to that which surrounds my every day life. I wanted a fashion photoshoot but in a non-traditional style in terms of model, makeup, hair and style.

Enjoy my visual story.

Model: Anika

Thank you

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