Green goddess

With all the crazy rain we have been having brings me to my post which is all about growing and newness. How we, like plants, start as a small buds, then grow and develop into something beautiful. Something eye-catching. Something magnificent. Be it a delicate flower, a leaf or a strong branch. Its all about a transformation from one state to another. This is how we should always a state of growth and positive change.

Green Goddess was about finding inner beauty and portraying strength and boldness.

The incredible florist Jan created two spectacular pieces for our "Green Goddess" which were cleverly planned to transform into further pieces on the body.

The designs of each of the pieces were intentionally created for the posing and lighting I had decided to use.

One of the many reasons I absolutely LOVE these studio photoshoots, not just to make someone feel incredibly bold and beautiful, but there are many conversations how the floral design, the makeup, the lighting and the poses have to flow together to create something powerful.

Simple details of where the clients hands are placed, eyes are looking or the tilting of the head changes so much for the mood of the final image. I love how working together as a strong team is so important to create what we do to get the absolute best out of the photoshoot and our clients.

I encourage you to come into the studio to be a part of this incredible transformation of yourself and let us create something that shows your personality and your power.

Allow us to to show you that you are beautiful, sexy, strong and feminine through this amazing experience.


Be Beautiful.

Florist: Branch and Blossom

Hair/Makeup Artist: Mell Johnston Makeup

Model: Monika Ky

Thank You

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