floral artistry collection - Feminine Beauty

"She is clothed with strength and dignity" - Proverbs 31:25

Floral headpiece with pink flowers

As many of you may not know, I have a background in Fine Art. I felt it was time to engage my photography more in this direction which is where this concept was created.

Extensive planning of this two look photoshoot went beyond a simple studio photoshoot. It was about creating an incredible range of powerful and feminine images that evoke the idea of beauty, strength and power of the female being. Every single aspect of this shoot was precisely thought through and planned to create each image.

We wanted to create images that were bold and beautiful as well as soft and delicate. This was about the strength and feminine energy of a woman.

Model with floral headpiece against grey backdrop

Wearable art headpiece

The colour palette was carefully selected using strong, bold pinks and burgundies represented a woman on a more sensual and powerful level. Soft lines and dainty edges run through all the imagery created.

Jan from Branch and Blossom created the incredible floral headpiece. Not only is she an amazing floral artist, but she specialises in custom designed, unique spectacular floral arrangements and bespoke, wearable floral art.

The head piece was the perfect combination of textures and vibrant hues. Jan used a combination of delicate roses, peonies, sim carnations and twisted willow.

The first part of the photoshoot focussed on a set of images that were more confrontational. The strength and power of this incredible headpiece draws your eyes to the models piercing gaze or her softness when she gently looks away.

The beautiful makeup was done by Sara Shadbolt Artistry. She is absolutly amazing at what she does. She chose two different makeup styles for each look which complimented everything from the flowers to the lighting.

Pink and burgundy floral wearable headpiece

The second part of this photoshoot was using flowers attached to the models body to show her beautiful, feminine curves and celebrate her softness and femininity. This particular style of floral artistry is not a simple task by any means but the end results clearly speak louder than words. This unique approach of a studio experience will definitely leave any client feeling incredibly beautiful.

Floral body wearable art

Floral wearable art of roses

A big thank you to our incredible team working on this project and super excited to be creating more artistry. The end results could not of been achieved without the amazing teamwork and creative mindsets.

Floral wearable fine art portrait

Florist: Branch and Blossom

Hair and Makeup Artist: Sara Shadbolt Artistry

Model: Jessia

Thank You!

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