Autumn is such an incredible time of the year than can often be overshadowed by Spring and Summer. There is such a contrast of a celebration of new life and a sense of decay , which in itself is incredibly beautiful.

Fine Art Floral Portraits

Autumn is about a transformation from Summer to Winter. It is a symbol of having sufficient, a ripening harvest and of abundance. It is about reflection on the past and looking ahead for what is to come.

New awakenings.

Fine Art Floral Portraits

The idea of leaves falling off a tree, turning brown underfoot reminds us that nothing lasts forever. But knowing the fact that trees are 'reborn' every year reminds us about new beginnings and of growth and that there is beauty and strength to be found through every season in one's life.

Fine Art Floral Portraits

"I like autumn.

I like those clear days when the sun hangs low and makes the trees glow.

And as summer’s light dims and the leaves begin to fall, I like Autumn's reminder that a meaningful life isn’t only about productivity, but completion and transition".

Author - Sheridan Voysey

Fine Art Floral Portraits

Fine Art Floral Portraits

"Ethereal Beauty" portrays a softness of feminine beauty refined by an elegant dreaminess. We combined the perfect recipe of an incredible Autumn colour palette of flowers, avant-garde makeup and soft lighting, setup and particular poses to create these incredible images for Chloe.

She is perfection.

Floral Fine Art portraits are not just about portraying a strong, feminine, beautiful YOU, it's about creating artworks that shows YOU and your inner personality and who YOU really are.

Why not take a leap and allow us to create something incredible for YOU?

Fine Art Floral Portraits



Florist: Branch and Blossom

Model: Chloe Wells

Thank You

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